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Since November 2020, the largest Russian retailers will offer the Veiro brand paper products by Syktyvkar Tissue Group marked with panda logo. Part of the proceeds from their sales will be donated to environmental projects run by WWF Russia.

This joint licensed project by a Russian manufacturer of sanitary products and World Wildlife Fund is first in the segment of tissue. It will demonstrate that environmental, economic and social sustainability of business is a focused work with an aim to change forest management practices to the best for nature and people.

“We are happy to cooperate with STG JSC since the company not only shares WWF values but also aims to improve environmental sustainability of its business. Partnerships like this illustrate how responsible approach to manufacture of paper products helps to both use forests as a renewable resource and to contribute in its preservation”, says Irina Vorobieva, Director for Relations with Corporate Partners & Supporters of WWF Russia.

Key environmental priorities of STG JSC include implementation of sustainability principles throughout the whole manufacturing chain.

All raw products used by Syktyvkar Tissue Group JSC – pulp and wastepaper - are certified in accordance with the standards of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Products manufactured by STG are also FSC-certified. It means that they are manufactured from wood that was extracted legally and with regard to all environmental and social requirements at forests where responsible forest management is administered and forest reserves are protected.

Syktyvkar Tissue Group JSC keeps increasing the share of secondary raw materials (wastepaper) in production. At this moment, over 70% of company’s products are manufactured from renewable, processed or certified sources. Recycling of paper with no consumer value helps to reduce the removal of waste to landfills by 40,000 cubic meters annually.

Also, use of secondary fiber reduces market demand for pulp. It helps to lower human pressures on environment induced by activities of pulp manufacturers. By recycling wastepaper STG JSC preserves precious forest reserves, thus saving over 400,000 trees from logging, which is equal to 800 hectares of mature woodland.

“Environmentally and socially responsible companies that confirm their high operational standards by obtaining FSC certificates make great contribution in nature protection and well-being of people. Syktyvkar Tissue Group is one of few companies in Russia that manufacture products from wastepaper with FSC Recycled labelling and therefore helps to reduce industrial pressure on forests”, says Nikolay Shmatkov, Executive Director of FSC Russia.

Upgrade of production facilities and use of unique equipment enable the company to control power consumption to the highest effect possible and to save water resources as well as to minimize waste. STG implemented programs on power and resource conservation. Over the past five years the investments in wastewater treatment have amounted to about 350 million rubles.

The company’s management systematically provides material, organizational, human and financial resources in order to ensure delivery on commitments made in the areas of environmental protection and maintaining the highest level of environmental safety of production.

“STG intends to play the leading role in ensuring sustainable development of pulp and paper production. We believe that our actions and our example will demonstrate the positive impact on society and our planet as a whole – “business for good” is an integral part of our company’s strategy and development plan”, says Nina Prasolova, Director for PR and Promotion, STG.

Information for editors:

- 1972 - a consumer goods production unit opens at Syktyvkar Timber Plant, the largest pant of the industry (presently – Mondi Syktyvkar LPK JSC)

- 1987 - a toilet paper production shop is commissioned;

- 1998 - a subsidiary of Syktyvkar Timber Plant JSC – PKP Syktyvkar Paper Products JSC – is established with aim to produce consumer goods (wall paper and paper production, as well as toilet paper production shop);

- 2003 - Papirus JSC, an individual sanitary products manufacturing facility, splits off from PKP Syktyvkar Paper Products JSC;

- 2005 - Papirus JSC is rebranded as Syktyvkar Tissue Group LLC;

- 2007 - Syktyvkar Tissue Group LLC is reorganized into Syktyvkar Tissue Group JSC due to new long-term company development strategy;

- 2013 - a launch ceremony of the company’s second production facility in Yaroslavl Region

STG installed state-of-the art machinery from leading global manufacturers at its production facilities. Top quality equipment enables the company to ensure flexible deliveries that meet the requirements of individual customers.

STG JSC manufactures goods under the private trade names of retailers and brands including such renowned brands as Kleenex, VkusVill, Prosto Azbuka, BILLA .

The major activities of Syktyvkar Tissue Group include:

- manufacture of white and colored wastepaper-based and pulp-based paper substrate for sanitary purposes;

- manufacture of high quality consumer 2-ply and 3-ply toilet paper and paper towels in plastic packaging from deinked wastepaper and pulp;

- manufacture of professional toilet paper rolls, paper towels and cleaning materials;

- manufacture of professional toilet paper sheets, napkins and paper towels with folding types V, Z and W сложения;

- manufacture of decorative and cocktail paper napkins.

The Veiro brand first appeared in the market in 2005. Veiro is a combination of high quality goods and attractive prices.

The Veiro Professional brand first entered the market in 2014. Now it is trusted by hundreds of the largest companies in Russia and the EU. Its success is about offering a wide range of products aimed at different price segments and about the use of state-of-the-art technologies for manufacture of products that comply with the strictest quality, safety and environmental protection requirements.

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